Cobwebs by Anjana Aravind

Cobwebs by Anjana Aravind

Cobwebs by Anjana Aravind. Before you download free pdf of Cobwebs by Anjana Aravind, let’s have a look at the description and summary of the book.

Book Name: Cobwebs

Book Author: Anjana Aravind

Grab a smile, shed a tear, and take a word to keep.

Welcome to a torrent of thoughts, like sunbursts scattered over the pages, that take you through a wonderful landscape of love, despair and laughter. Peep through the kaleidoscope of imagination that fills this palette, with the brightest of colors that Anjana wishes to share with the universe. Swim along.

About the author

Anjana Aravind is Avid John Oliver fan. She loves drawing and plays piano when it’s raining outside. Anjana Aravind has a bunch of aims; might achieve a few, will die trying.

Cobwebs Book Details

Cobwebs by Anjana Aravind

The Book “Cobwebs by Anjana Aravind” is published by in English language, and this Book was released on Friday 9th February 2018. The Book is tagged in many categories: Poetry, Literature & Fiction, Books. This Book is available in Paperback binding, and this Book has 60 number of pages. The Book Cobwebs by Anjana Aravind is available to buy at lowest price ₹100.00 on

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