Download free pdf Know Your Worth: Stop Fearing Start Firing ebook

Know Your Worth: Stop Fearing Start Firing ebook

Product Description

Book Name:- Know Your Worth: Stop Fearing Start Firing

Author Name:- N K Sondhi and Vibha Malhotra

The secret behind the success of most of the people is not what they do, but how they do it!

The book Know Your Worth: Stop Fearing Start Firing discusses the life-changing concepts through storytelling. You would find yourself closely connected to these stories. They will encourage you to explore your own potential to inspire you, and to achieve your real worth.

Know Your Worth: Stop Fearing, Start Firing will also help you to understand the traits that keep you from achieving your dreams. The book lays down a process to help you emerge from the clutches of negativity and develop a confident and positive approach towards life.

By investing time in yourself, acknowledging your potential, avoiding common traps, setting a worthy goal, surviving bad days and harvesting the power of thoughts, you can be successful.

CONTENTS of the book:

  1. Acknowledge Your Superpowers
  2. Invest in Yourself
  3. Take Charge
  4. Set a Worthy Goal
  5. Identify Your Worst Enemy
  6. Turn Your Fear into an Opportunity
  7. Avoid the Common Traps
  8. Harvest the Power of Thoughts
  9. Watch Your Attitude
  10. . Keep Your Communication Clear
  11. Be Mindful
  12. Surviving Bad Days
  13. Nurture Your Ecosystem
  14. Stay Successful

About N.K. Sondhi:

N.K. Sondhi’s 1st book was ‘Management of Banking‘, which draws upon his experiences as a manager in the Punjab National Bank. He then turned to fiction writing, bringing forth the unseen and seen aftermaths of the partition of India in 1947 in his book ‘Cart full of Husk‘. He followed it up with a short non-fiction, ‘Forgotten City of Delhi (How Delhi became Delhi)’. He wrote his next book, ‘A Match Made in Heaven: A 2000-year-old love story‘, based on the life of an Indian princess, who became first queen of Korea in 48 AD.

About Vibha Malhotra:

Vibha Malhotra is the founder of ‘Literature Studio‘ and editor-in-chief of the literary e-journal ‘Literature Studio Review’. She is also a translator and a poet. Her work has been published in literary journals across the world such as Wasafiri, Tipton Poetry Journal, Muse India, The Luxembourg Review, Red Fez, and in dailies such as The Times of India and Ceylon Today. ‘Know Your Worth: Stop Fearing Start Firing‘ is her first work as an author.

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