Failing to Succeed: The Story of India’s First E-Commerce Company

Failing to Succeed

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Failing to Succeed: The Story of India’s First E-Commerce Company

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By K. Vaitheeswaran

In 1999, when hardly anyone in India transacted on the Internet, Vaitheeswaran co-founded India’s 1st e-commerce company. Yet, years later, when e-commerce was exploding in India—despite enjoying first-mover advantage—Indiaplaza shut down.

What went wrong? Wrong strategies? Lack of funding? Or was it ‘something else’?

For the first time ever, the author K. Vaitheeswaran reveals that it was indeed something else—a set of inexplicable events that destroyed what could have been a profitable business. He bares his extraordinary trials and tribulations while dealing with business failure and the impossible pressures that can threaten entrepreneurs in India.

Coming at the back of stories of young start-ups raising billions of dollars in funding and creating unicorns in just a few years, as well as the recent setbacks in the e-commerce industry, The book Failing to Succeed: The Story of India’s First E-Commerce Company delves deep into the dark side of starting up and its myriad pitfalls.

Filled with interesting anecdotes, amazing customer insights, tongue-in-cheek observations, hard-hitting predictions and behind-the-scenes industry happenings, this book Failing to Succeed is an extraordinary unravelling of the challenges facing technology start-ups in India. It is a must-read for investors, aspiring entrepreneurs, industry professionals or business school students and anyone interested in India’s start-up ecosystem. A powerful narration, Failing to Succeed is eventually about finding ways to move forward and succeed despite failures.

About the Author

K. Vaitheeswaran, widely hailed as the ‘father of e-commerce in India’, co-founded India’s first e-commerce company later rebranded Indiaplaza pioneered e-commerce and internet retailing in India in 1999 and is the leading online shopping destination for Indians worldwideIn 2001, he co-founded the Fabmall supermarket chain which was subsequently acquired by the Aditya Birla Group and re-branded ‘More’.

Vaitheeswaran has advised global brands, including Diageo, Deloitte, and Tata, among others, in their digital initiatives; mentors several start-ups; and is well known in the Indian start-up scene. He is a popular speaker on entrepreneurship at industry forums and institutes, including IIMs and IITs.

Failing to Succeed: The Story of India’s First E-Commerce Company

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