Happyness Life Lessons from a Creative Addict


Happyness Life Lessons from a Creative Addict by Yusuf Merchant is a truly inspirational and admirable work. If you want to lead a more successful and spiritual life, or if you want to take control of your destiny, the answers lie within these pages. Go ahead and visit our website to get this book.

Product Description

Something which we ask ourselves…

Do you want to help someone who is depressed?

Is there a key to unlocking happiness?

Do you sometimes feel used or taken for granted in your relationships?

How do you deal with anger, jealousy, resentment, or sadness?

Can anyone change the destined course of their life?

What is the one proven antidote to addictive habits?

What is the meaning of life?

Is it possible to experience the fifth dimension?

Statement and findings…

‘Dr. Yusuf “Doc” Merchant presents a unique approach to dealing with what may well be the greatest social problem. Providing a wealth of information and practical advice, Happyness is an informative and curative book which busts a mountain of myths.’ — Amitabh Bachchan, actor

‘This book offers a riveting, transformative experience. Dr. Merchant has captured the magic of positive energy, a never-give-up spirit, love, and positive intention. This will make you look at your personal evolution in a different, more thoughtful light.’ — Dr. Ghazala Afzal Hameed, High Sheriff of Greater London

Dr. Yusuf Merchant, or Doc as he is widely called, has been schooled by adversity from his childhood. He has lost friends and loved ones to dark addictions, endured heart-wrenching betrayal, lived on the streets, and struggled with the trauma of abandonment and the absence of hope.

Purpose Of This Book

In this book, Happyness Life Lessons from a Creative Addict, the master of mindfulness offers forty-two different ways to live a peaceful and fulfilling life. The author punches negativity in the face and uses visualization techniques to achieve his dreams. He brings together scientific theories on the functioning of the brain and how it alters under stress, depression, and addiction as well as existential questions of karma and the meaning of life. In the end, concludes that it is self-belief along with the integrity of character that offers a short-cut to happiness.

About the Author

Dr. Yusuf Merchant is a medical practitioner who has been working for the rehabilitation of people with mental health issues like substance abuse and depression for over thirty-five years.

Presently, working as the president of the Drug Abuse Information Rehabilitation & Research Centre (DAIRRC) which has a success rate of 85 percent. His unique treatment has been successful for patients from India, the UK, the US, Belgium, Mexico, Indonesia, Bangladesh and the Maldives.

Also, served as an affiliate member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2004.


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