I Tagged Her in My Heart

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Book Name: I Tagged Her in My Heart

By Anuj Tiwari

Things get broken. We repair them. They get a new shape. Perhaps a new identity.

This applies to love as well. Because you are yours before you are someone else’s. But what happens when we fall or fail in love?

I Tagged Her in My Heart by Anuj Tiwari

After two heartbreaks, a fiercely independent career-girl, Adrika, changes her hashtag on Instagram to #HappyGoLucky and dreams become her priority. Arjun, a workaholic and socially inept, struggles with his weakness for Dimpy Aunty’s daughter Anushka and his hesitation in sharing heartaches and emotional baggage.

Into this mess, steps in Dimpy Aunty, an unlikely savior, with all her jauntiness and quirks, steering them through rough patches in unlikely ways as only she can. Insightful, witty and bold, the book I Tagged Her in My Heart is based on a true story that will inspire many to look at the sunny side of life when faced with darkness.

About the Author

Anuj Tiwari is among India’s bestselling authors. His bestselling includes— Journey of Two Hearts, It Had to Be You and It’s Not Right…but It’s Okay. He is a motivational speaker and an IT professional. He is the popular writer of inspirational stories. His books are based on real-life incidents that he has come across over the years. He gives guest lectures at various colleges and universities. With an MBA degree in finance and human resources management, Anuj works in Mumbai as an IT professional and marketing consultant. He is based in Mumbai, India.

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