Immortal India: Articles and Speeches by Amish

Immortal India: Articles and Speeches by Amish

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Book Name: Immortal India: Articles and Speeches by Amish

By Amish Tripathi

India, a culture that witnessed the dawn of civilisation. That witnessed the rise of other cultures and watched them turn to dust.

It has been admired and vilified.  Celebrated and attacked.  But through all these millennia, after all the ups and downs of history, it is still here! And now, after a few centuries of decline, it is driving a new dawn once again. Ajanaabhavarsh. Hindustan. Bharat. India. The names may change, but the soul of this great land is immortal.

Amish Tripathi helps you understand India like never before, through a series of nuanced speeches, sharp articles,   and intelligent debates. Based on his deep understanding of subjects such as, religion, history, mythology, tradition, contemporary societal norms, governance, and ethics, in Immortal India: Young Country, Timeless Civilisation, Amish Tripathi lays out the vast landscape of an ancient culture with a fascinatingly modern outlook.

About the Author

Amish Tripathi is among the India’s best-selling author. He is the bestselling author of The Secret of the Nagas (2011); The Shiva Trilogy (The Immortals of Meluha (2010); The Oath of the Vayuputras (2013)), the Ram Chandra Series (Scion of Ikshvaku (2015)) and Sita – Warrior of Mithila – Ram Chandra Series.

His books have sold over 3.5 million copies with gross retail sales of over Rupees 100 crores. Scion of Ikshvaku was the highest selling book of 2015. The Shiva Trilogy is the fastest selling book series in Indian publishing history. His books have been translated into 19 Indian and International languages.

Amish Tripathi won various awards, including the Raymond Crossword Book Award 2015 for “Scion Of Ikshvaku”.

Forbes Magazine has listed Amish amongst the 100 most influential celebrities in India, four years in a row. He has also received the Society Young Achievers Award for literature in 2013, Man of the Year by Radio City, Dainak Bhaskar Reader’s Choice Awards and Pride of India award (Literature).

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