India’s Broken Tryst by Tavleen Singh

India's Broken Tryst by Tavleen Singh

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Book Name:- India’s Broken Tryst

Author Name:- Tavleen Singh

It was only after I grown-up and I began to ask questions about that famous “tryst”. Why was the speech made in English???? Was Jawaharlal Nehru a real leader or just a romantic? And did he not know when he talked of the world being asleep at midnight that it was not midnight everywhere?’

Even 67 years after it became a modern democratic nation state, democratic India has been unable to meet the most basic needs of indian people. A dangerous mix of socialism, colonialism and statism has brought about this situation. India’s people, both poor and rich, have been at the mercy of a political class whose motive for being in public life is pelf and power rather than public service.

From one of the country’s most respected and experienced journalists, India’s Broken Tryst is a bold analysis of why this state of affairs has come to pass – why has the Indian state failed to live up to the promise made ‘long years ago at the stroke of the midnight hour’?

Tavleen was born in Mussoorie(Uttarakhand) in 1950 in a Sikh family. She studied at the Welham Girls School. She did a short-term Journalism course from the New Delhi Polytechnic in 1969. She graduated from St. Bede’s College, Shimla.

She is the author of best-selling book Durbar. This book dealt with the betrayal of India by an inexperienced ruling class. She has also written three other books:-

She currently writes three weekly political columns in English and Hindi.

Tavleen Singh

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