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Book Name: Liver Biopsy Made Easy

Liver Biopsy Made Easy book is a complete guide to the interpretation and evaluation of liver biopsy specimens for clinicians, providing the latest techniques and advances in the field.

Beginning with an introduction to the function and structure of the ‘normal’ liver, and discussion on situations requiring biopsy, and types of specimen, the following sections describe pathologic variations of liver diseases, ways to identify the changes and qualitative and quantitative evaluation.

Liver Biopsy Made Easy Key Features

  • Liver Biopsy Made Easy book is meant as a ready reckoner and a desktop reference for postgraduate students of pathology.
  • An attempt to assist the practicing pathologists and students by providing a comprehensive source of information on the pathology of liver tissue.
  • Focuses on basic understanding of normal liver biopsy and specific liver pathologies.
  • Simple, User-friendly, and hands-on guide for the reporting of liver biopsies.
  • Readers are advised to read Chapter 1 before moving further to any chapter as this form the basic of hepatopathology.
  • Includes glossary of interesting and varied cases of hepatopathology.
  • At the end of each chapter, “Points to Remember” and “Liver Biopsy Sign Out” are given to guide the user to the key information provided in the chapter and will aid the practicing pathologists in signing out terminologies.
  • Reviews all the current terminologies, grading and staging systems used in liver biopsies.

Liver Biopsy Made Easy book covers the full spectrum of disorders and diseases that may occur in the liver and includes chapters dedicated to paediatric liver disease and liver transplant pathology.

Current terminologies, grading and staging systems used in liver biopsy, are discussed in detail. High definition slides and images enhance learning, and each chapter concludes with ‘points to remember’ highlighting the key features of the topic.

About the Author

Nalini Bansal Gupta MD DNB PDCC MNAMS Senior Histopathologist, SRL Ltd, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi, India.

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