Love Hope and Magic by Ashish Bagrecha

Love Hope and Magic by Ashish Bagrecha

Love Hope and Magic by Ashish Bagrecha

Book Description

Book name:  Love Hope and Magic

Author:  Ashish Bagrecha

Pages:  230 pages

Publisher: Storymonk

Language: English

As the name suggests love hope and magic have the power of healing the pain. Has the power of healing the pain of a broken heart in love.

you handed me
all your broken pieces
but darling,
how do i fix you
if you don’t believe in
love, hope and magic

these are the few sentences of poems from the book love hope and magic as the writer is a strong believer in love, hope, and magic. A survivor of life & death, a fighter of depression, and a believer of the universe, he is the best seller author of the self-help book “Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel” and he thinks poetry has the magic to heal people. This book is divided into six chapters of, Love, Hope, and Magic it’s about loving deeply and getting broken and falling into the darkness and still chasing the light. It’s all about letting love find you, trusting the universe, and believing in the magic we carry within ourselves.

These poems are not written to inspire but to fix you, but to fix your broken heart in love. The lines of the poem will give you immense power to heal and to stand again.

In very simple words the poet touches the heart of million people, Boosts up the power, gives you energy, and takes you back to the subtle, delightful, calm, and cave of peaceful life. This will surely touch your heart and will give you immense peace from inside. The word magic here is the new birth of the person and giving you the power to stand again and this time work more hard to achieve your goal. And feel the magic happening around you. It also tells how one can believe, smile without any reason.

It’s not written to inspire but to fix you. As –

love comes, leaves and pains,
but magic happens and stays,
and all we need is
a little hope in between.

I suggest you all read this book.

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About the author

An entrepreneur by the mind and a writer by heart, Ashish Bagrecha is a best-selling author and one of the most popular Instagram poets in India.

In 2018, while fighting depression and anxiety, he decided to post poems and letters about love, hope, and healing on Instagram to help and support everyone else who was going through the same feelings.

In 2019, he published a self-help book, ‘Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel’ with Westland Publications which went to become an instant national bestseller.

‘Love, Hope and Magic’ is his first poetry book self-published under his own publishing company.

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A strong believer in the universe and its magic, Ashish holds a master’s degree in marketing and runs an app development agency. He currently resides in Surat and is married to best-selling author Savi Sharma. Together, they dream to heal and inspire millions of souls through their poems and stories.

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