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Love Meant to Be by Kartik Srivastava

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Book Name: Love Meant to Be

Book Author: Kartik Srivastava

How would you describe “everything”? How would you answer someone you love when they would ask, “What do I mean in your life?” There can be billions of answers to this question but it should be pure and honest. Untainted! Pihu asked the same question to Kavin and his answer could not get any better except that he did not know that he himself had to change the entire question someday.

Love Meant to Be by Kartik Srivastava

They are complete opposites! But as it is said, opposite pole attracts each other. They fell prey to the basic physics rule. They fell over heels for each other. And it is rightly said that you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. They both have known each other for years but never thought that they could fall in love with each other only to live a reality that would haunt them for the rest of their lives.

From school to being best friends to college to the tantrums to the drama to heartbreaks to tears to giving up to some scars to a story that captures every side of love. Though their love was meant to be but no one told them for how long.


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