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March of the Indian Economy

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Book Name:- March of the Indian Economy

Author Name:- I.C. Dhingra

“March of the Indian Economy” is a useful book for all aspirants who are preparing for the Civil services examination. This book provides you all the facets of the Indian economy and enables students to gather information in a detailed manner. Also This book, March of the Indian Economy is an extended compilation of all topics related to Indian economy. The book is written by I.C. Dhingra and is published by Heed Publications Pvt Ltd.

The basic idea of March of the Indian Economy is to present all the knowledge and information of the Indian economy in a simple and engaging format which makes it easier for aspirants to understand. It starts with the evolution of the Indian economy and discusses vital aspects like consumption, production, and investment. Then, it talks about the subject as the study of an Economy and the various economic Activities.

The book sprinkles light on “Productive Process” and introduces the students to the ideas of Economic Development and Economic Growth. There is a discussion on various economic systems like the Socialism, Capitalism, and Mixed Economy. There is a special section on the growth of Indian economy in Mid-Eighteenth Century.

March of the Indian Economy By I.C. Dhingra

Then I.C. Dhingra moves on the first phase of Indian economy’s growth that is from 1950 to 1990 and speaks about the Agriculture and Policy Reforms, New Agricultural Strategy and Green Revolution and its problems. It also gives suggestions to promote Agricultural Diversification. There is a dedicated section on the policies of Globalization, Liberalization, and Privatization with special reference to its features, need, and the issues of Appraisal. The pressing issue of poverty is also discussed and there are notes on Policy Mechanism of Poverty Alleviation Programmes along with the reasons for its little success. It is followed by the details of employment in India. The book, March of the Indian Economy offers various graphs and stats in order to improve the understanding of the aspirants.

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