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Mobile Computing is “taking a computer and all necessary files and software out into the field”. Mobile computing is any type of computing which use Internet or intranet and respective communications links, as WAN, LAN, WLAN etc. Mobile computers may form a or a piconet.

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Handheld Pocket Computers and Mobile System Operating Systems

Handheld Pocket Computers Come in many manifestations:-

• For example, the smart phone
• Pocket-sized PCs
• Differ from smart phones and multimedia phones in that that they can be programmed for customized applications.
• Offer a variety of application and programming tools not included in new generation mobile phones
• Unlike smart phones, which usually use the text-on-nine-keys format, handheld computers have full text keypad or a touch screen keypad.
• Stylus generally used to enter data into handheld devices such as PDAs and palmtops.

Mobile Devices and Systems

In this section we will study :- Sensors, Actuators, Robots, Smart Appliances and Set-top box.


• Electronic devices that sense the physical environment.
• For example, sensors for temperature, pressure, light, metal, smoke, and proximity to an object.
• Sensor sends the signals to a computer or controller.
• Facilitate interaction of the mobile device with the surroundings.
• A CCD (charge-coupled device) camera to identify various objects or a microphone to recognize voices.
• Sensor for background noise to control voice amplification during a call.
• Sensor for surrounding light used to control the brightness of the LCD screen.
• A microphone senses voice.
• Sends the voice signals to a speech processing system (SPS).
• The SPS authenticates the mobile owner. Then, the SPS can also be used to dial a spoken number and interpret
and execute spoken commands.

Click on the book name to download this book in pdf:- Mobile Computing by DR.Rajkamal.pdf

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