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My Journey with Vada Pav

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Book Name:- My Journey with Vada Pav

Author Name:- Venkatesh Srinivas Iyer

How did a popular street snack from Mumbai become a marketing phenomenon, gaining international repute and national popularity?
What made Harvard Business School lean forward and acknowledge the marketing success of the humble vadapav??
What transformed an on-the-run bite from a snack on a handcart into an award-winning brand??

This book “My Journey with Vadapav” by Venkatesh Srinivas Iyer, answers your all these questions. It tells the story of a daring and unusual entrepreneurial venture. Inspired by his love for vadapav, one man made it his mission to build, transform, promote, and establish a humble street snack into a national brand.

The book encapsulates a journey in which you walk with the author through various pathways from the glimmer of a concept to its creation, foundation, and development while sharing his moments of apprehension, elation, despair, enthusiasm, occasional confusion and humor. In due course, admire his determination to succeed, no matter what. This bold and inspiring real-life narration, questions the set norms of the Indian food industry and takes its myriad challenges head-on. It is a tale of teamwork, a whole load of determination and entrepreneurship at its best, with a little bit of luck to complete the mix.

My Journey with Vada Pav by Venkatesh Srinivas Iyer is exciting, compelling and a great read for enthusiasts who have an idea, a vision or a dream and aspire to make it not just a reality, but a success. It is an inspiration for others too.

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