No Other World By Rahul Mehta

No Other World By Rahul Mehta

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Book Name: No Other World

By Rahul Mehta

In a rural community in New York, Kiran Shah 12-year-old, the American-born son of Indian immigrants, longingly observes his prototypically American neighbors, the Bells. He attends school with Kelly Bell, but he is powerfully drawn—in a way he doesn’t yet understand—to her charismatic father, Chris.

Kiran’s yearnings echo his parents’ bewilderment as they try to adjust to a new world. His father, Nishit Shah, a successful doctor, is haunted by thoughts of the brother he left behind. Kiran’s mother, Shanti, struggles to accept a life with a person she did not choose—her marriage to Nishit was arranged—and her growing attachment to an American man.

Kiran is close to his older sister, Preeti—until an unexpected threat and an unfathomable betrayal drives a wedge between them that will reverberate through their lives.

No Other World By Rahul Mehta

As he leaves childhood behind, Kiran finds himself permanently on the outside—as an Indian-American torn between two cultures and as a gay man in a homophobic society.

In the wake of an emotional breakdown, he travels to India, where he forms an intense bond with a teenage hijra, a member of India’s ancient transgender community. With her help, Kiran begins to pull together the pieces of his broken past.

Sweeping and emotionally complex, No Other World By Rahul Mehta is a haunting meditation on love, belonging and forgiveness that explores the line between our responsibilities to our families and to ourselves, the difficult choices we make and the painful cost of claiming our true selves.

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