Padmavati: The Queen Tells Her Own Story

Padmavati: The Queen Tells Her Own Story

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Padmavati: The Queen Tells Her Own Story By Sutapa Basu. Before you download free “Padmavati: The Queen Tells Her Own Story” pdf ebook, let’s have a look at the description and summary of the book.

Book Name: Padmavati: The Queen Tells Her Own Story

By Sutapa Basu

Journalist Mrinalini Rao is on an investigative trail to discover whether Padmavati, the Queen of Chittor, actually existed or was she only a legend created by poets.

  • Who was Padmavati, the Queen of Chittor?
  • Where did she come from?
  • What does history tell of her?
  • What kind of life did she lead?

How did she have the courage to jump willingly into the fire?

Mrinalini goes to Chittorgarh to discover the truth. What does she really discover? To Know, Read the complete Padmavati: The Queen Tells Her Own Story pdf ebook By Sutapa Basu.

About the Author

Sutapa Basu is a poet, an author, and publishing consultant, she is a compulsive bookworm and an irrepressible storyteller. A 33 (thirty-year-old) professional career as a teacher, publisher, and editor has seen her traipsing across the vast Indian subcontinent with short detours into nearby Nepal and Bhutan and not-so-nearby Dubai and the United States while working with Oxford University Press, India, and Encyclopedia Britannica, South Asia until she decided to strike out on her own.

Sutapa Basu’s debut novel, Dangle, a psychological thriller, was published by Readonamia in 2016. As a publisher, Sutapa Basu has developed and published around 400 books. In the same year, her short story was awarded the First Prize in the Times of India’s nation-wide WriteIndia Contest.

She has co-authored Crossed and Knotted awarded ‘India’s First Composite Novel’ by Limca Book of Records. Her shorts have been published in Defiant Dreams, When They Spoke and WriteIndia Stories. Kaafiyana and The Dawn Beyond Waste, two poetry anthologies as well as Muse India and Different Truths carries her poetry.

Her short stories, poetry, and features have been published online by the TOI Blog,, UnBound, The World News Project and Café Dissensus, USA. She has edited Chronicles of Urban Nomads, Crossed and Knotted and Rudraksha published by Readomania as well as Mountains to Manhattan, pub Omji Publishing and In Their Own Words, a nonfictional book.


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