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Reading books is a good hobby and passion for many people and the people interested in reading books. Thay prefers reading written by famous and experienced authors as they know well the interests and needs of the majority. Moreover, authors are strong motivators, Mahesh Rao is one of them.

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Book Title: Polite Society

Book Author: Mahesh Rao

Bored witless in her south Delhi cocoon, the beautiful Ania Khurana seeks excitement. Whether tinkering with her novel-in-progress or setting up her single aunt and close friends with suitable men. She undertakes her projects with a passionate focus. Art fairs, literary residencies, a weekend at a cricketer turned politician’s country retreat. Of course, dozens of glittering parties, Ania applies her rare industry to them all.

But her privilege cannot mask the darkness and vulnerability at the heart of her ornate world-nor does it enable her to influence the dazzling, deadly men and women who appear in it.

About the Author

Mahesh Rao is the author of the Smoke Is Rising, which won the Tata First Book Award for fiction. He was shortlisted for the Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize and the Crossword Award and One Point Two Billion.

Keenly observed, sharply plotted and full of wit and brio, Polite Society reimagines Jane Austen’s Emma in contemporary Delhi. Portray a society whose polished surface often reveals far more than is intended.

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