Served with Love By Priyanka Menon

Served with Love By Priyanka Menon

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Served with Love

By Priyanka Menon

Abhimanyu Dev, orphaned early and brought up by a doting grandfather, has his life chalked out. He is 42 years old and single and intends to stay that way. And he runs a hotel with all the care he might have devoted to a home.

In walks Pakhi, taking charge of the hotel kitchen. A guardian to her niece Abhithi, Pakhi is opinionated and passionate and focused on the little girl and on work. Pakhi and Abhi rarely see eye to eye.

Sparks fly and tempers fray.

Yet there are 2 things that bind them – gourmet meals and their love for Abhithi. The little girl’s affection and innocence draw Abhi out of his shell in a manner he had not anticipated. As for Pakhi, her niece is the very center of her life.

When Abhithi is kidnapped, it brings Pakhi and Abhi together as they follow her trail to Mumbai. Will they find Abhithi and each other in time? Served with Love is a mature romance for a new age.

About the Author

Priyanka Menon is a spoken word poet and romance writer. She is the author of the bestselling novel:- “The One That Got Away” published by Harlequin India. Her love for romance novels goes back almost two decades when she was gifted her first romance novel for clearing her 10th board exams.

She credits her writing powers to red velvet pastries and white chocolate mochas at Starbucks. Served with Love is her second novel. When she is not writing poetry or penning love stories, Priyanka teaches advertising to college students.

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