Stories We Never Tell by Savi Sharma

Stories We Never Tell

Stories We Never Tell by Savi Sharma

Stories we never tell is a book written on mishappening of life about which we do not want to talk. Book is written by Savi Sharma, best Indian author.

Book Description:

Title: Stories We Never Tell

Author: Savi Sharma

Publication: Westland

Language: English

Paperback: 224 pages

Price: 225 I.N.R.

Book Content Brief

Stories We Never Tell is a book based on some hidden which a person doesn’t want to think about. People are scared of sharing such type of stories. Simply because these types of incidents hurt too much or no one wants to listen to them. Same as this there was the story of a girl named Jhanvi. She was having a very ideal life and was happy, but something was missing in her life: Jhanvi has this impossible need that drives her to be more perfect than any person could possibly be.

There is one another story mentioned in this book that is of one boy called Ashray. Life of Ashray was rocking in beginning. He was hard-working, determined and he was able to come his dream to be true. But something happened in his life which destroyed his life and he was not able to recover.

Both these stories are the same, their lives change in ways they never await. In a world of loss, darkness, and disappointments, will Jhanvi and Ashray be able to tell a story of hope, light, and recovery?

About the Author

Savi Sharma is a very famous writer from Surat who left her CA studies for becoming a writer. She has authorized very famous books like Everyone Has a Story-1, Everyone Has a Story-2 and This is Not Your Story and all these books were best-sellings. Savi Sharma is a highly paid woman for her writings in India. Moreover, she is also a motivational speaker and has delivered inspiring talks on different topics at the IIMs, IITs, popular literature festivals and other esteemed organizations.

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