The 12-Week Fitness Project

The 12-Week Fitness Project

The 12-Week Fitness Project

Rujuta Diwakar India’s number one nutritionist and health advocate. The 12-Week Fitness Project book is a plan of three months to be followed to maintain health, fitness and reduce extra fat.

Book Description

Title: The 12-Week Fitness Project

Author: Rujuta Diwakar

Publications: Juggernaut

Language: English

Paperback: 208 pages

Price: 199 I.N.R.

About The Book

The 12-Week Fitness Project is a book emanate on health, fitness, and reduction of fats. This book is a project which a person must have to follow for three months. Through these three months, a person will change a matter of course in 12 different methods according to the author. the author will guide a person little by little in distinct phases of this project. At the end of this project’s journey, one can find themselves in fine fettle way. Moreover, individuals can also get rid of problems like Acidity, Periods pain, Insomnia and many more. A person will feel at a high level of energy and get able to get better sleep and can focus on their work with full enthusiasm. This book will work as same as the last book of Rujuta Dewakar. One can find the same results at the end of the course which they are expecting to be. As the writer is very conscious regarding health so she had recommended people how to stay enduring and fit so that nothing can stop you from bringing your fruitions. this book will lend a helping hand in prolongation of good health

About The Author

Rujuta Dewakar is India’s #1 nutritionist and health advocate. On being a health advocate, her all writings are related to health. previous books of this writer were also health advisory as she knows health is wealth and that books were best-selling like Indian Superfood and Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight. This book will also be best-selling.

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