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The Boy Who Loved by Durjoy Datta

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Book Name: The Boy Who Loved

Book Author: Durjoy Datta

The only thing you can’t plan in life is when and who to fall in love with.

Raghu likes to show that there is nothing extraordinary about his life—loving, middle-class parents, an elder brother he looks up to and plans to study in an IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology). And that’s how he wants things to seem—normal.

The Boy Who Loved by Durjoy Datta

Deep down, however, the guilt of letting his closest friend drown in the school’s swimming pool gnaws at him. And even as he punishes himself by hiding from the world and shying away from friendship and love, he feels drawn to the fascinating Brahmi—a girl quite like him, yet so different. No matter how hard Raghu tries, he begins to care. Then life throws him into the deep end and he has to face his worst fears.

Will love be strong enough to pull him out??

The book, The Boy Who Loved by Durjoy Datta, first of a two-part romance, is warm and dark, edgy and quirky, wonderfully realistic and dangerously unreal.

About the Author

Durjoy Datta was born in New Delhi, India, and completed a degree in engineering and business management before embarking on a writing career. His first book—Of Course I Love You!—was published when he was twenty-one years old and was an instant bestseller. His successive novels— Our Impossible Love; She Broke Up, Now That You’re Rich Let’s Fall in Love, I Didn’t!; Ohh Yes, I Am Single!; You Were My Crush; If It’s Not Forever; Till the Last Breath; Someone Like You; Hold My Hand; When Only Love Remains; World’s Best Boyfriend, The Girl of My Dreams have also found prominence on various bestseller lists, making him one of the highest-selling authors in India.

Durjoy lives in Mumbai, loves dogs and is an active CrossFitter.

Durjoy Datta

Durjoy also has to his credit six television shows and has written over a thousand episodes for television. He has four shows, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi on Sony TV and Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera on Star Plus and Sadda Haq – My Life, My Choice, Million Dollar Girl – From Banaras to Paris on Channel V India, to his credit.


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