The Coronavirus Know about Global Pandemic

The Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Know about Global Pandemic

The Coronavirus book rooted in the novel coronavirus from which the whole world is suffering today. This book is written by a team of expert doctors Dr. Swapneil Parikh, Maherra Desai, and Dr. Rajesh Parikh.

Book Description

Title: The Coronavirus: What you Need to Know about the Global Pandemic

Author: Dr. Swapneil Parikh, Maherra Desai, and Dr. Rajesh Parikh

Publication: Penguin Ebury Press

Language: English

Hardcover: 224 pages

Price: 299 I. N. R.

About The Coronavirus

The corona is very important to book which is written for one motive to prevent peoples from Corona. When the whole world was celebrating the ending of the decade, a new disease was growing in China’s province Wuhan. Later on, this disease was identified as a virus named Coronavirus. This flu-like virus alerted the World Health Organization and now this virus is affecting people on a global level. Corona traveled to various other countries like Italy, Iran and spread in every corner of the world from China. In February, the disease it caused was named COVID-19. Moreover, there are more than 1,00,000 patients in this world with a death rate of 2.5.

In addition, authors have given there 100% to create awareness among the peoples. They have mentioned all the symptoms of the corona. All the symptoms are common like coughing, fever, muscle pain, tiredness which can be experienced in winter seasons. Furthermore, this flu is spreading very rapidly due to more contacts. India a country with a large population can also suffer from Corona. So there is a need to take some precautions for preventions and fight against COVID-19. As we know according to Indian culture Namaste a greeting for welcome or meeting to somebody. It will help us to reduce physical contact with more number of peoples.  This is the first book that addresses the history, evolution, facts, and myths around the pandemic.

About the author

Dr. Swapneil Parikh an expert on infectious disease belongs to Mumbai. He is co-founder of a healthcare startup. He is a physician and focusing on lifestyle diseases like diabetes, and obesity.

Clinical psychologist and medical researcher Maherra Desai is the site manager of clinical research at Jaslok Research Centre and Hospital.

Dr. Rajesh Parikh the Director of Medical Research and Honorary Neuropsychiatrist at the Jaslok Hospital Research Centre, Mumbai. His training was carried in the US & at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. Besides this, he is also a leading journalist at the international level, poetry, painting. He has also earned more than 200 awards in all the fields.

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