The Diary of my love by Deesha Sangani

the diary of my love

The Diary of my love by Deesha Sangani

As the name suggests it’s a love story. So, it is obvious there’s gonna be lots of ups and downs,  good and bad situations gonna surround. It will be really interesting to read young blood creation.

Book Description

Title: Deesha Sangani

Author: Deesha Sangani

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors (12 October 2020)

Paperback: 176 pages

Language: English

Two characters Anushkaa and Ayush meets on the first day of work. Anushkaa is a young, dynamic, deeply passionate with her goals clearly set out. Recently Graduated from college and stepped into the corporate world, chasing her dreams, heart full of thoughts, Isn’t it perfect.

The meeting left Ayush a strong feeling something which he hasn’t felt in years. Torn between his heart and mind, he is sure he is smitten by her magical charm. She seems perfect.

But a big question arises does really a perfect life exist?  Does love happen in the first meet?

What happens next between them does he express his feelings to her. Or does she just understand his unsaid feelings? It takes a leap of four years and they meet again with their heartbroken and the love is lost. They heal each other’s hearts and help to achieve their dreams. When they start living for each other, life pays a cruel card.

Anushkaa’s true companion is her diary, holding within the pages the secret that nobody else will ever know. Join Ayush and Anushkaa on this rollercoaster of emotions, and take a peek into the secret Anushkaa has buried in The Diary of My Love.

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About the author

Deesha Sangani is a Bangalore-based author, Certified Relationship Affinity & Personal Empowerment Coach, and motivational speaker. She is a highly influential blogger and an inspiration for many who want to live their dreams while balancing a successful corporate career.

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