The Girl Behind the Glass by Sumit Pramanik

The Girl Behind the Glass By Sumit Pramanik

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The Girl Behind the Glass

By Sumit Pramanik

Just-married Shakshi and Neelabh arrive at Hotel Infinity, desperate to take cover from unknown pursuers. Next morning, a police inspector appears, enquiring about a car that hurtled off a bridge nearby. The girl who was in the car is missing.

As the eyes of the hotel-dwellers turn to each other, tragedy strikes again, this time much closer. Can Shakshi and Neelabh escape alive from Infinity?

They soon learn that the devils inside them are no less dark than the devils outside. When secrets are peeled off like skin, people bleed.

About the Author

Sumit, in his own words, is an occasional poet, compulsive thinker, intense listener, hushed laughter, clumsy biker, inept stalker and, well, a shy hugger. He loves to drift outside, recollect the last night’s dream and tell himself that it’s not an addiction.

In parties he observes people dancing and jostling from a corner of the room. He prefers unlit corners. If you lean onto his door, you’ll catch silence, or maybe a scream. An IIM grad, he lives alone in Chennai.

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