The Girl In The Red Lipstick by Ajay K Pandey

The Girl In The Red Lipstick

The Girl In The Red Lipstick

If you are searching for The Girl In The Red Lipstick free pdf download, then you can get the ebook from this post. With a free pdf of The Girl In The Red Lipstick by Ajay K Pandey, you can read it on any device. Also, for your convenience, a link to buy this book has been provided at the end of this post. Before you download a free pdf of The Girl In The Red Lipstick, let’s have a look at the description and summary of the book.

The Girl In The Red Lipstick

Ajay K Pandey

The Girl In The Red Lipstick is the story of Arun, he is a bestselling author, and the heartthrob of millions of readers. While on his book promotion tour, he is injured and agrees to call a masseuse (a woman who provides massage professionally). Little did he know that the masseuse would turn out to be someone with a secret!

The bestselling author Arun sees a story in Lalita (masseuse girl), and in digging deeper, is amazed to discover her strength of character. Even though Lalita is a young survivor of human trafficking, she has unmatched determination.

A single encounter with her makes Arun take decisions that he had never even thought of. He is willing to risk everything for her, his own life too.

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The real story begins when he gets to know about her past and he developed sympathy for her. Lalita, the girl first refuses to share her story as she had lost trust in all men.

But the more he tries to help her, the deeper he drowns in the swamp.

Will society ever accept a girl from the forbidden alleys of the city?
Will two broken people be able to heal each other?

The Girl in the Red Lipstick by Ajay K Pandey is a charming story of life, friendship, and finding love where we least expect to.

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About the Author

Ajay K Pandey is the Bestselling author of seven books. He is famous for his first book:- You are the Best Wife: A True Love Story. You are the Best Wife is published by Srishti Publishers in 2015, and went on to become a bestseller.

Although he grew up with a dream of becoming a teacher, destiny landed him in the Computer-IT field. Travelling, reading novels, and trekking are his hobbies. Traveling to different places has taught Ajay about different people and cultures and makes him wonder how despite all the differences, there is a bond that unites them.

Apart from writing, he wants to follow his role model Mother Teresa, and make some contribution to society. He aspires to start a charitable trust that would support aged people and educate special children.

Ajay makes it a point to individually connect with and respond to all his readers, making him a personal favorite for many. He has also introduced many people to the world of reading.


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