The Girl Who Disappeared by Vikrant Khanna

The Girl Who Disappeared

The Girl Who Disappeared by Vikrant Khanna

The Girl Who Disappeared is a story of a girl who goes missing under mysterious circumstances during her tourist journey to Himachal Pradesh. This book is a love story and a mystery about a girl named Nisha.

Book Description

Title: The Girl Who Disappeared What if the Person you Love Goes Missing Mysteriously

Author: Vikrant Khanna

Publication: Penguin Metro Reads

Language: English

Paperback: 288 pages

Price: 175 I. N. R.

About The Book, The Girl Who Disappeared

The Girl who gets disappeared was Nisha. She was on her way to Himachal for her tour. She had scheduled all her tourist spots where she had to visit. While she was enjoying every moment but something which was interfering with her emotion. The thing was fear of deathblow which was constantly distracting Nisha from enjoyment. Later on, in hours of darkness, Nisha gets missing. Near about, seventy-two hours her boon companions get conscious about Nisha.

Now, where was Nisha? Nobody knows. Even though for her friends missing Nisha was supernatural. Later on, all the incident was informed to the police. Day by day missing of Nisha was becoming mistery. Already she was missing for three days and nobody knows where she was. In addition, her boyfriend a careless guy was traveling with her. He also concentrated on Nisha.  Police have to work twice hard to find the girl. Let’s see where Nisha is? Can police be able to resolve the Mystery?

About the Author

Vikrant Khanna is a ship captain. Currently, he lives in Singapore and also writes books. Moreover, his books are based on mystery and fantasies. Near about all of his writings are best-selling. The girl who knew too much is a heartwarming love story and now is a national bestselling book. Apart from it his other book and novels like Love Lasts Ever, Secretly Yours and When Life Tricked Me. All these books were also best-selling additionally The Girl Who Disappeared will be on the top of the best books.

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