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The king within

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Book Name: The king within

By Nandini Sengupta

373 AD. In the thick forests of Malwa, an enigmatic stranger gallops into an ambush attack by bandits to rescue a young courtesan, Darshini.

His name is Deva and he is the younger son of Emperor Samudragupta. That chance encounter, first with Deva and later with his two friends, the great poet Kalidas and the loyal general Saba Virasena, forges a bond that lasts a lifetime. From a dispossessed prince, Deva goes on to become one of the greatest monarchs in ancient India, Chandragupta Vikramaditya. But the search for glory comes with a blood price.

As Chandragupta the emperor sets aside Deva the lover, brother and friend, to build a glorious destiny for himself, his companions go from being his biggest champions to his harshest critics. A saber-rattling tale of love, friendship, revenge, and ambition,

The King Within is about the often-difficult choice between the power of passion and the passion for power.

About the Author

Nandini Sengupta is a Pondicherry-based journalist and writer. After a chance trip to the Ellora caves and Ajanta in 2007, she began researching third and fourth-century India, initially out of mere curiosity and later out of interest, which quickly deepened into an obsession with India’s glorious past. An avid reader of the historical genre, Nandini has been researching for The King Within for the past eight years.

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