The Kiss of Life By Emraan Hashmi

The Kiss of Life By Emraan Hashmi

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Book Name:- The Kiss of Life

Book Author:- Emraan Hashmi and Bilal Siddiqi

How do you deal with the most challenging moments in your life?

Every experience that we go through changes us and helps us grow. As we learn to cry and laugh, win and lose, care and share, the meaning of life and true happiness unfolds before us. Known for his daring foray into Bollywood, In this book, The Kiss of Life, Emraan Hashmi walks us through his memories that have shaped him from a confused teenager who dabbled in a variety of things to finding his calling to the smart, suave and unorthodox actor he has become today.

At the heart of his story lies the most transformative and important experience of his life—the period when his son, Ayyan, was struggling with cancer. It reveals the man behind the limitless charm and beauty of Emraan Hashmi and how he dealt with his son’s disease. Honest, bold, personal and heart-warming, The Kiss of Life By Emraan Hashmi and Bilal Siddiqi is about an actor and a father’s trials and triumphs.

The Kiss of Life By Emraan Hashmi

About the Author Emraan Hashmi and Bilal Siddiqi

Emraan Hashmi is a famous Bollywood actor. He shot to popularity with his 1st superhit, Murder, and there was no looking back after that. In 2014, Emraan and his wife Parveen were tested like never before. Their 4 years old son Ayaan was battled with cancer. Through this book, The Kiss of Life Emraan describe his rise to stardom, his son’s illness, his transformation as a human being and everything in between.

Bilal Siddiqi is the author of bestselling The Bard of Blood is a fictional thriller set in Balochistan. He is very interested in writing novels and screenplays. He is currently working at Red Chillies Entertainment. He is twenty-one years of age and stays in Mumbai.

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