The Marriage Predicament (The Thakore Royals Book 1)

The Marriage Predicament by Sundari Venkatraman

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The Marriage Predicament (The Thakore Royals Book 1). Before you download free “The Marriage Predicament by Sundari Venkatraman” pdf ebook, let’s have a look at the description and summary of the book.

Book Name: Love of My Life

By Sundari Venkatraman

Princess Yashodhara Jadeja of Bhatewar is not at all ardent to get married. With her tarnished past, Yashodhara knows that her married life would never be easy. But, between her mother’s persuasion and her father’s Will, she’s left with no choice.

Prince Indrajeet Thakore of Udaipur agrees to meet Princess Yashodhara as a prospective wife after Rajmata Santhini Devi, his grandmother, persuades him. While no cymbals crash at their first meeting, the couple grow to like and respect one another before they agree to tie the knot.

Both have responsibilities and Both belong to royal families. Over and above all that, their marriage is plagued by a predicament, just as Yashodhara had expected. It looks like they can lead a happy married life only if the princess is willing to break a promise.

Will she be able to do that? And will Prince Indrajeet continue to love her once he gets to know about her past? Read the complete “The Marriage Predicament by Sundari Venkatraman” book, a beautiful story of Princess Yashodhara Jadeja and Prince Indrajeet Thakore.

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