This House of Clay and Water By Faiqa Mansab

This House of Clay and Water

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Book Name: This House of Clay and Water

Book Author: Faiqa Mansab

Set in Lahore (Pakistan), The book, This House of Clay and Water by Faiqa Mansab explores the lives of 2 women. Sasha, from the ordinary middle-class, whose longing for designer labels and upmarket places is so frantic that she willingly consorts with rich men who can provide them. Nida, intelligent and lonely, has married into an affluent political family and is desperately searching for some meaning in her existence; and impulsive,

Sasha and Nida meet at the famous Daata Sahib dargah and connect their need to understand why their worlds feel so alien and empty, bringing them together.

On her frequent visits to the Daata Sahib dargah, Nida meets the gentle, flute-playing hijra Bhanggi, who sits under a bargadh tree and yearns for acceptance and affection, but is invariably shunned.

A friendship-fragile, tentative and tender-develops between the two, both exiles within their own lives; but it flies in the face of all convention and cannot be allowed.

The author Faiqa Mansab’s accomplished and dazzling debut novel explores the themes of love, betrayal, and loss in the complex, changing world of today’s Pakistan.

About the Author of This House of Clay and Water

Faiqa Mansab completed her MFA in creative writing with a distinction and an award for the best thesis. Her novel “This House of Clay and Water” is the final version of her MFA thesis.

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