Trust Me Not By Ankita Verma Datta

Trust Me Not By Ankita Verma Datta

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Trust Me Not By Ankita Verma Datta

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“An excellent account of today’s cut-throat world, told through an intense love story. The complexity of the characters and the story keeps you riveted until the unexpected end.” – Madhur Bhandarkar.

Book Name: Trust Me Not

By Ankita Verma Datta

Rising corporate star Reeva Rai is offered a prestigious position in a top-notch PR agency. It is the opportunity of a lifetime. But working with Enigmatic Billionaire Kunaal Kabi was not going to be easy. Even as she develops feelings for him, she is determined to prove herself.

But when an activist friend turns to her for help with a real-estate scam, Reeva has to make a high-stakes choice.

Can she retain the credibility of her prominent clients while helping hundreds save their homes?

As she digs deeper to find solutions, a nefarious scheme unravels with unexpected connections. A no-holds-barred race ensues, blood is drawn and Reeva is trapped in the eye of a political thunderstorm. If she succeeds, powerful people will have much to answer.

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About the Author

Ankita Verma Datta is an Economics graduate from Mumbai University and is trained in advertising communication and marketing at the Xavier Institute of Management/Communication. She has spent more than a decade in the advertising industry, handling a wide range of clients from insurance, finance, food, education, industry and also government sector and political campaigns, before starting her own communications consultancy in 2003. Apart from advertising and marketing, she has interests in various other fields, including curating antique Portugal houses in Goa and ‘hobby-breeding’ the exotic dog breed of Tibetan Mastiffs. An animal lover and ardent nature, she spends her time between Mumbai, Lonavala and Goa.

Trust Me Not is her debut fiction novel and she intends to continue writing socio-political thrillers with current relevance in future too. She writes to evoke and entertain.

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