When All Is Not Well: Depression Sadness and Healing

When All Is Not Well

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Book Name:- When All Is Not Well: Depression Sadness and Healing

Author Name:- Om Swami

‘I have heard so many people tell those who suffer from depression and sadness to just “cheer up”. Do they really think it is that simple?’ Depression is not just sadness. It is both pain and nothingness. It is misery. People do not have depression, they suffer from it.

Billions of people are diagnosed with depression, Millions of dollars are spent on antidepressants and on depression-related analysis. Yet we are no imminent to making a real difference to the quality of life of the patients. Yogic and Ayurvedic texts call depression ‘vishada’, a toxic state of mind. They consider it a disability, an illness – but one that is curable.

In a profoundly insightful work that draws from these texts, mystic and healer Om Swami categorizes depression into 3 types, each of which requires a different approach. Bringing ayurvedic knowledge and yogic wisdom to case studies from his own files, the author Om Swami covers a range of options from medication to specialized meditation. When All Is Not Well will leave you with a new perspective on depression and sadness.

About the Author Om Swami

Om Swami is a mystic who lives in the Himalayan foothills. He was initiated into sannyasa by a Naga saint. Then he spent a fair bit of time in intense secluded and solitude meditation in the deep Himalayan caves and woods.

Om Swami has a bachelor’s degree in business and an MBA from Sydney, Australia.He is the author of the best-seller If Truth Be Told: A Monk’s Memoir. The other books by Om Swami :-

  • Kundalini: An untold story
  • If Truth Be Told: A Monk’s Memoir
  • The Wellness Sense : A Practical Guide to Your Physical and Emotional Health Based on Ayurvedic and Yogic Wisdom
  • A Fistful of Love: Wisdom and Humour from a Monk’s Bowl
  • If Truth Be Told (Hindi)
  • The Seven Steps to Awakening
  • Self Awareness Practice Instructions

“Compassion is my religion and love, my philosophy,” he says. “My writings are my only introduction.”

Om Swami

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