Wish I Could Tell You by Durjoy Dutta

Wish I Could Tell You

Every book lover wants to read a book one after another which makes his/her life more knowledgeable, mind and creative to the next level. Books are an essential part of everyone’s life. The thing is that we categorize the book according to our needs and the state of mind and situations to read them. One can have a section of romantic books or other people could have a thrilling or suspense type of book interest. So, we cannot deny that every person has a different kind of book obsessions.

If we talk about the literary part in India these days, we found out very good and appreciating novelists and authors whose write up just took us to hear away in just one read. Bollywood also took inspiration from these books and produce a great movie from the novels published every year. The most inspiring example we can have is “3 Idiots” this movie is based on the novel written by Chetan Bhagat there are also many movies that are inspired by novels. And there are also many novels and books which are inspired by our Indian mythology and tradition.

So, here is one of the Indian Writer who wrote many novels which touches our heart as because his every novel having a touch of our social and normal life, Durjoy Dutta is one of the finest writers of Indian literary. He wrote so many heart touching novels like ‘Someone Like You’, ‘Perfect Us’, ‘The Boy who Loved’ and many more. All his novels are the best seller every year.

Wish I Could Tell You by Durjoy Dutta

A new book Wish I Could Tell You by Durjoy Dutta will be published on 23rd of September in 2019 the book named as “Wish I Could Tell You“. This book is based on the life of a girl who is lost in her problems and trying to cope up with her feelings.

Can you find yourself after you have lost that special someone?

A disillusioned and heartbroken Anusha finds herself in the small world of WeDonate.com. Struggling to cope with her feelings and the job of raising money for charity, she reluctantly searches for a worthwhile cause to support. For Ananth, who has been on the opposite side, no life is less worthy, no cause too small to support.

Behind them are terms for whom going to extraordinary lengths to save lives is more than a full-time occupation. In front of them is the virtual world of social media-watching, interacting, judging, making choices, and sometimes, saving lives.

From the virtual to the real, their lives and that of their families entangled in a way that moving together in the only solution. They can’t escape each other.

In this world of complicated relationships, should love be such a difficult ride?

About the Author

Durjoy Datta was born on 7 February 1987 in Mehsana, Gujarat, grew up in New Delhi. He completed mechanical engineering from the Delhi College of Engineering now known as Delhi Technological University. He did his post-graduation from Management Development Institute, Gurgaon and also from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany and majored in marketing and finance. Became a writer while he was still in the final year of college. In 2011, he quit his job at American Express as a marketing analyst and turned a full-time writer.

Avantika Mohan, his wife lives in Dubai and is a model and an air-hostess by profession. She was crowned as Miss Uttarakhand in 2004.


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  • Now That You’re Rich! Let’s Fall in Love! (co-author Maanvi Ahuja) (2009)
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  • Ohh Yes, I’m Single…! And So is My Girlfriend! (co-author Neeti Rustagi) (2010)
  • The Backbenchers series (contributor) (the first book of the series was published in 2011)
  • You Were My Crush! … till you said you love me! (co-author Orvana Ghai) (2011)
  • If It’s Not Forever … It’s Not Love (co-author Nikita Singh) (2012)
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  • The Boy with A Broken Heart (2017)
  • The Perfect Us (2018)
  • Pocketful of Stories (2019)

Short stories

  • The English Teacher (2012)
  • Shades of Love (contributor) (2012)

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